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High risk decision

High risk decisions

Nobody in the business can avoid high risk decision the uncomfortable necessity of sizing a risk. Thus some situations are similar in most companies: You need to hire a new employee, who has great potential in creating income, but is untested. Your company is struggling to close a big sale, and your supplier changed their […]

Phthalate free pigment dispersion

Challange The Industry use pigment dispersion based on phthalates and pigments. Customers ask for alternatives as they  don’t want to work with the phthalates.  Phthalates are stoped for industrial use or been under discucion by the authorities .

Reusing your green solvents is you best investment!

Challange Customers use solvents ( also water ) in their process or to clean the equipment. The authorities want  the industry to use less harmfull solvents and  less amount of solvents.

Mining company

Mining company need cast PUR part with improved properties Challange The purpose was to improve the productivity by improving material and design on a hot cast PUR part together with existing toll-manufacturers.

Offshore industry

Offshore Industry new possibilities with optimized hot cast PUR – polyurethane material, process and design.